I had to fall out of love with you,

To find myself equal to you.

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Let us not

Let us not talk of each other,

With anyone.

For the scab is forming.


Let us not dial each other’s number

And then hang up before the call gets through,

For it is nerve wracking.


Let us not think of each other,

With every inane thing that we do.

For it becomes a chore, difficult to finish.


Let us not dream of each other,

On the balmy nights,

For they will never come true.


Let us not yearn for each other’s warmth,

On cold, bleak days,

For cold numbs, and numb seems good, now.


Let us not sit on our bench alone,

Hoping fervently for the other one to come by, too,

For it gets too lonely, eventually.


Let us not.

Let us not.

For it still bleeds under that scab.

For the memories need to fade.

For an unattended call would hurt even more.

For dreams aren’t for us, we know now.

For the warmth might scorch some more, now.

For the other one is not going to come anymore.


Let us let the memories fade.

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She:  You knew her from before me?

He:  Yeah, we were members of the same book club.

She:  Why didn’t you tell me? I would have been so glad. I liked her a lot. In fact, I had thought of introducing the two of you to each other so many times. But after that fateful night, I wasn’t sure if you would want to meet anyone from that group. When I saw you hugging her that evening we were supposed to meet, I laughed at myself. How oblivious I could be!

He:  I had stumbled across her while on my way to meet you. She had looked distraught and I couldn’t possibly leave her like that.

She:  If only, you had left me a message. You completely forgot about me. I went back home that evening. I waited for you, confident that you’d have an explanation. Certain that what the nagging voice in my head, that won’t quieten down, told me gleefully was all wrong. That it would all make sense once you came. But you didn’t come. Neither did any message or call. I waited for days and a month went by. I tried to look for you but couldn’t find you. In the end, I took that silence for an answer. If only, you had left me a message.

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The butterfly fluttered around.
Brightly hued,

He would not stay still.
Flitting by,
Perching on my shoulders,
My head,
My thoughts.

I reach out.
He flies down
And settles on my forefinger.

Unable to resist,
I touch him.

Drained of his colours,
He stops fluttering.
Going still.

I look down.

Stained fingers
Quiver in mid air.

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He comes.
Filled with an unfathomable emotion,
I feel overwhelmed.

He asks.
I lean in willingly,
Opening my hands.

Empty, they are.

Empty, I am.
He was brimming over.

Empty vessels
Know not what to give.
They can only take.

Deprive him,
I could not.

I look on helplessly,
As he gazes at me
With eager anticipation.
Dismay dawning.

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He: You never came back.

She: You never called out to me.

He: I thought you wished to be left alone.

She: I was letting you have some peace.

He: I sent mails.

She: I had deleted that account.

He: I called too.

She: I didn’t use that number anymore.

He: You shut all the doors.

She: There was one left ajar. Our door. If only you had stepped through.

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Stolen moments#2

She had always loved the way he laughed. Softly, lightly. As if dusting home baked cookies with sugar powder. Gently.
He had always loved the way she started giggling at the silliest of his jokes.

It had been months since he made up a joke just to see her break into irrepressible giggles.

It had been precisely three years, ten months and twenty days since she heard his laughter.

And it was their forever after.

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