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Just as the glow diminishes, You come back  And rake the embers. How many more times Will it take Before it dies completely? And all you will find Is eye-watering, Throat-burning smoke. Advertisements

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It is easy to fall in love. When you walk this earth, Lost in untangling the knotted balls Of thoughts and feelings,  Time and again you stumble into someone Dropping your ball. It falls noiselessly, Unravelling several threads Of unexplored … Continue reading

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Stolen moments #4

The weather has been oppressive. Dark clouds gather promising a reprieve from the heat. Sitting in the balcony, she is sipping coffee pensively. Dark clouds always remind her of him.   That day she had forgotten her umbrella in a … Continue reading

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There are Very few things More painful Than hope dying, Breath by breath.

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Stolen moments#3

She can no longer remember when sleep had come to her uninterrupted. Night after night, she had lain on the wet pillow till the tears no longer flowed. The pervading silence made her shallow breathing even more pronounced. All she … Continue reading

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Things you will never read#1

When you went away so abruptly Without saying any byes, Without any apparent reasons, I knew my place in your life.   That easy, it was, for you to cut me off, Completely from your life, Whispered the treacherous mind. Something … Continue reading

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I had to fall out of love with you, To find myself equal to you.

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