Stolen moments #4

The weather has been oppressive. Dark clouds gather promising a reprieve from the heat. Sitting in the balcony, she is sipping coffee pensively. Dark clouds always remind her of him.


That day she had forgotten her umbrella in a rush to leave. As a sudden downpour drenched her, she’d cursed herself for her forgetfulness. Standing under a building’s awning, she was berating herself when she became aware of someone else sharing the meager cover. As she lifted her head, she found herself looking into a pair of dark amused eyes, crinkled at the corners from containing the mirth. She had felt instant annoyance at his apparent amusement at her discomfort. She opened her mouth to tell him exactly what she thought of him, but the rain stopped as unexpectedly as it had started. Forgetting her annoyance, she gathered herself and stepped out to hail a passing taxi.  


She had never liked the rains. She hated how the dark clouds made the sun disappear. She hated the slush on the roads, felt positively irked about skipping around little gleeful puddles of muddy rainwater. Rains always made her lose her otherwise cheerful disposition. She had never thought she would ever change her opinion about rains until the day she found him chuckling under his breath at her displeasure under that awning.


She gets up, putting down the coffee mug on the balustrade. Rummaging amongst her books, she quickly takes out a paper and sits down to write. It feels as if she didn’t write to him this very minute, she would implode. While she scribbles a few words hurriedly, she can hear thunder reverberating through the house. Dropping the pen in mid-air, she hurries out to take down the clothes drying in the balcony as fat water drops splash around her.  Rain fills up the forgotten coffee mug.



In all these years, I have sat down several times to write to you. 


          How are you, Love?

I begin, imagining standing next to you holding your warm, calloused hand, looking in your dark eyes only to find them questioning- Why? 

Unable to answer, I put down the pen. 

It is better this way, I tell myself. Unconvincingly.


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