Stolen moments#3

She can no longer remember when sleep had come to her uninterrupted. Night after night, she had lain on the wet pillow till the tears no longer flowed. The pervading silence made her shallow breathing even more pronounced. All she could hear was the clock ticking away the seconds dragging on broken only by the soft sobs escaping her lips. Every night she played over in her mind the moments she had spent with him and the others that she had lived in a haze, intoxicated with his thoughts. Now no tears came, just the heaviness of breath and silent sobs which got lost in the labyrinth of her breast before they could reach her lips. Staring blankly at the light from the street lamp, outside the window, playing some grotesque game across the wall, she laid there with an empty heart.


Something still breaks noiselessly inside me at the thought that I would no longer wake up to your message calling me your sunshine. You would no longer send me the inane pictures that you clicked for me wherever you went. The silly names that you called me by, you would use them for someone else now. I would no more hear you sing songs completely off-key. And when I get upset over some trivial thing, you would not be there to distract me with your stupid jokes. Every time I take the subway, I would miss holding your hand while watching the world go by through the window. I would not hear your silences any more. The way you softly chanted my name, while we possessed each other, tracing your ownership on my being, I would no more hear those passionate whispers except in my fitful dreams.

Today I saw a young dog which I thought resembled one of the litter that we had tended together. The trees are sprouting green leaves once again. Four seasons past, everything looks the same still. But it is not. For I would no longer hear the ache in your voice every time you had to go away and you kept telling me- Baby, I don’t want to leave. I thought you would always come back. But the last time, you did not. And I am still here waiting, knowing…


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