Let us not

Let us not talk of each other,

With anyone.

For the scab is forming.


Let us not dial each other’s number

And then hang up before the call gets through,

For it is nerve wracking.


Let us not think of each other,

With every inane thing that we do.

For it becomes a chore, difficult to finish.


Let us not dream of each other,

On the balmy nights,

For they will never come true.


Let us not yearn for each other’s warmth,

On cold, bleak days,

For cold numbs, and numb seems good, now.


Let us not sit on our bench alone,

Hoping fervently for the other one to come by, too,

For it gets too lonely, eventually.


Let us not.

Let us not.

For it still bleeds under that scab.

For the memories need to fade.

For an unattended call would hurt even more.

For dreams aren’t for us, we know now.

For the warmth might scorch some more, now.

For the other one is not going to come anymore.


Let us let the memories fade.


About autumnleaf149

Chaos rules. :)
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