“To love is to be vulnerable.”

And still that’s all we want. Masochists, are we? 

We may grow cynical about all the hullabaloo about this thing called ‘love’, disbelieve its existence, suspect that it is nothing but some moments of insanity and mere infatuation.
And yet there isn’t a single soul who doesn’t want to be this kind of insane, and amusingly enough, stay insane. Else why we would mourn the loss when sensibility finally returns. And yearn for it, crave it like we crave food to satisfy the physical hunger.
All that gamut of emotions that wrings us dry, drains us of all energy, leaves us worthless for any other purpose. And once it is all over, we want it again. Wish for it to come back.
Masochists, are we?

I think, we are.


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Chaos rules. :)
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