You build walls
Brick by brick.
Each one laid
With each new hurt.

A new bruise
Works as the mortar,
Reminding of the past-
The breaches of trust,
Of every painful betrayal.
The lies and promises-not-kept.
And you stay behind those walls
Forever wary.

One dusky evening, someone saunters by.
Curious about what lay beyond,
He attempts to scale the wall.
Mystery beckons.
He falls, he rises.
He persists.
Makes chinks in the wall
With kind, soft whispers.
Thoughtful gestures
And nonchalant affection.

Gradually, the wall discerps.
Till one dark moonless night, it lies in shambles, at the feet.
Leaving naked and exposed the Being.

Curiosity quenched,
He moves on.


About autumnleaf149

Chaos rules. :)
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