The proverbial butterfly

In every relationship, there comes a point where you need to realise that you have to let go of them, to keep them  .

For, no matter how much you care for them, be the best that you can be, you won’t have their respect if you cling .

And do you really relish the thought of not having the respect of those that matter so much? Pity and disdain aren’t pretty. And it isn’t very heartening either.

So let them go. Unchain them. Be your person .Let them be. And if they come back, they’re yours to keep. And if they don’t, they were never yours in the first place, no?
So be happy in whatever the outcome.

In the former case, we know we are cherished as much. In latter, we wish them luck for whatever they are searching for in that quest, that we call life.
But either way, we actually free ourselves.From the perpetual fear of losing them, of them going away.

And be happy in the knowledge that we’re brave enough for whatever may come.

That’s very liberating in itself.


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