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The proverbial butterfly

In every relationship, there comes a point where you need to realise that you have to let go of them, to keep them  . For, no matter how much you care for them, be the best that you can be, … Continue reading

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The Show

And I continue to breathe. A surprise. No. Not pleasant. A deadened weight. To carry around. My soul.

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Like a puppy

No matter where I go, No matter what I do, No matter how hard I try, I can’t shake-off your memories. They follow me. Everywhere. Like an adoring puppy. Yelping at my feet, Tugging at the fringes Of my consciousness.

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From afar

I see you around. Crossing that junction. Sitting on that bench Lost in a book. Staring into space Under that tree. Lost in your thoughts , We almost collide Under that lamp post In the falling twilight. You mumble an … Continue reading

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Standing in a crowd The hustle-bustle drives home The loneliness that surrounds Ever since you walked off Without even glancing back, Once. People come And people go. Their presence only makes Agonisingly conspicuous Your absence. The void That you left … Continue reading

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You came . And I was born. Still waiting here, Standing right where you let go Of my hand. Lost . Bewildered. Hoping to be rediscovered. By you.

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Memories of you

Seasons change. Lending the window, an ever changing canvas. What still remains Are memories of you. Scattered all around In the chill of the heart.

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