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रंजिश ही सही (Ranjish hi sahi) – By Ahmed Faraz, Sung By Runa Laila

Originally posted on Pratibimb / प्रतिबिम्ब:
रंजिश ही सही दिल ही दुखाने के लिए आ आ फिर से मुझे छोड़ के जाने के लिए आ । रंजिश=enmity पहले से मरासिम न सही फिर भी कभी तो रस्म-ओ-रह-ए-दुनिया ही निभाने के लिए आ…

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What’s more agonising?

What’s more agonising? To feel lonely in a crowd, Or to be lonely lonely. To me? It is latter. For I can let the smile slip And let the dampness drip.

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In your love

In your love,  You brought me to my knees.  And then left me there.     

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Really this easy ?

You went and got over me . While I am still standing, right where you had left me With the promise- “I ‘ll be back” .

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